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            The MOPH–TUC Coordinating Unit (Co-Unit), established according to the Memorandum of Agreement of the Thailand MOPH – U.S. CDC Collaboration, is under the jurisdiction of the Strategy and Planning Division, Office of the MOPH Permanent Secretary. The Co-unit is overseen by the Director of the Strategy and Planning Division (SPD) who serves as the Co-Unit Business Official and supervised by the Deputy Directors who serve as the Co-Unit Manager and the Co-Unit Assistant Manager. Assigned officials from the SPD are serving as the full-time Co-Unit staff of the Research Project Cluster and the Non-Research Project Cluster.

            The Co-Unit cooperates closely with the Thailand MOPH – U.S.CDC Collaboration (TUC) Center on its main role to support the TUC project implementation of all collaborative programs under the current five-year Cooperative Agreement (CoAg) Phase 4 (Fiscal Year 2017 – 2021).

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